Rampage Arcade Game Free to Play Online, Includes Multiplayer


Today we celebrate the launch of Rampage in theaters across the country, and the creative team is kicking things off in style by giving players a chance to play the classic arcade game, for free! Right now, if you head to this link, you can play the original Rampage game if all of its pixelated glory. You don't need to install any special programs, or download an emulator. This bad boy can be played straight from your browser. Yeah, your productivity at school or work is about to tank.

If you've never played classic Rampage, prepare to go down one hell of a rabbit hole. The rules are very simple. You're a huge angry monster, and it's your job to destroy everything in the city. Punch and kick it all: buildings, windows, soldiers, vehicles, and food. You'll need to punch out as much of a building as possible in order to get it tumbling, so kick and punch with reckless abandon.

You're going to meet some resistance. Soldiers will fire upon you, helicopters will unleash their chain-guns on you, and you'll be met with no shortage of explosives. There are items you'll want to avoid, and items you'll want to scoop up. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone.


That's right! You can grab a buddy and play through Rampage co-op on a single keyboard! Load up the game with two players, and player 1 will control their monster with standard w-a-s-d controls, using the spacebar and ctrl to bunch and kick, respectively. Player 2 can use i-j-k-l to move around, and use 'o' and 'u' to kick and punch. It's going to get a little bit cramped, but you know what, that will help recreate the feeling you used to get at arcades, with multiple friends crowded around a single screen to get a part of the action. Grab some pals, put your quarters down, and go on a rampage during your lunch break!

When you're done, and you're making plans for the weekend, remember that Rampage is now out in theaters everywhere. Early reviews have been extremely promising, and we may have finally broken the video game movie curse. Check it out, and let us know what you think! In the meantime, let us know your Rampage arcade high scores in the comments below!