Star Wars Battlefront 2 Sees the Return of Microtransactions, Different Than Before


Earlier today, Electronic Arts announced an adorably epic new game mode on the way that will see the return of Ewoks to the Star Wars universe in Battlefront II. That's not the only in-game feature that is making a comeback however, Crystals will also be making their way into the game making in-game purchases available once more. Don't worry though, it's not like before where it pay-to-win focused. The publisher listened to the feedback and found a happy middle-ground: cosmetics.

Star Wars Battlefront II was an uphill battle before the game even released. When it was revealed that in addition to the already expected microtransactions (which in itself isn't an issue, most don't mind cosmetic options), EA was manipulating the way multiplayer worked in an effort to "coerce" players into purchasing loot crates to grant them certain buffs. When fans revolted, they tried to clarify their stance in what immediately became the most downvoted Reddit comment in history.

Through a spiral of controversy, EA decided to pull the plug on the a certain aspect of the loot crates ... temporarily. The good news is that since then, the progression system has seen a major overhaul that players responded very well to back in March.

With the Ewok Hunt Mode coming with the Night of Endor update, the Crystals will be making their official return back into the game. Here's what EA told us about what they will be used for and how it's not like the first time around:

"Crystals will return to Star Wars Battlefront II as one of the ways for fans to unlock Appearances, including Endor Leia and Endor Han. Real-world currency can only be used to purchase Crystals, which are only redeemable for Appearances (learn more about Crystals in our FAQ). Credits are earned through in-game activity and can be redeemed for Appearances, as well. Over 50 additional Appearances to personalize your units will be made available in this update."


See? No reason for panic. Yes, they are purchasable but they are 100% voluntary and won't affect the gameplay experience in any way should players not partake. For those that are sucker for customization, it's an additional avenue for fans to enjoy should they choose.

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