Destiny 2: Here's What to Expect When Expansion 2 'Warmind' Arrives

destiny 2 warmind ana

Earlier today, Bungie held a livestream that detailed everything coming with the second update to hit Destiny 2 soon. Finally (FINALLY) we're getting to learn more about Guardian Ana Bray after many lore hints and teasers since the very first game. We received an epic trailer with her front and center, seen here, earlier and now we've got more of the technical side of the next DLC to explore.

We know we're going to Mars with the latest expansion and it is very similar to that of the first game in the MMO series. But Warmind isn't trying to be a copy and paste experience from the first game, it takes us deeper than ever before into the Red Planet near a significantly icier part of this world. We also saw more in detail about the single-player adventure regarding the Warmind Rapsutin, which is an incredibly intelligent AI that has been centric to Destiny lore since the very beginning.

For a little backstory of Ana, the rumored love interest of Rasputin, and Clovis Bray:

Ana Bray was a Guardian and to learn more about her, those secrets are hidden deep within the lore surrounding Destiny. The name Bray brings forth memories of Clovis Bray, a human who witnessed the Golden Age and founded the Mars incorporation. If you've played the Rise of Iron narrative, then you're already familiar with his company. But his true legacy, that of Clovis Bray, lies within the creation of SIVA: a nanotech that became a plague to those players that took part in Rise of Iron and within the Cosmodrome.

Where as Clovis had his downfalls and less than flattering historical light, the same cannot be said for Ana. She was a Guardian that became a legend in her own right when she defended the City during the Collapse. This Hunter fought valiantly, more so during the Battle of Twilight Gap. That place of battle became a focus point for the Fallen as they organised underneath the House of Kings leadership for a drastic push against the people. This very battle was the one to cement Ana's title as hero, and later led to the a mounting victory for the Guardians.

We also know that Warmind will bring in a new wave-based activity called Escalation Protocol. This was designed specifically with the player feedback in mind that the end-game content wasn't challenging enough and offered no real incentive. Because of that, Escalation Protocol will spawn hordes of enemies for players to face when on patrol across the red planet with a rotating final boss filtering in every week. There will also be boss-specific rewards to provide even more incentive to play.


In the livestream, Bungie also outlined a ton of changes coming to PvP and the exotic weapons system. With PvP being split between Valor and Glory ranks, rewards will be designated to each play type to provide more variety into the post-campaign content available. Additionally, new changes were also discussed regarding exotic weapons, including which weapons saw huge buffs, and which others were more balanced out.

A new emote wheel, more vault space, heroic strikes, challenge cards, and more will also be changing when Warmind drops for Destiny 2 May 8th. To watch the stream for yourself, and to see what's new in action, check out the Bungie Twitch channel here.