This Deadpool Headset Stand Is Perfect For Holding Hats and Gaming Goods

Deadpool Head 2

With Deadpool 2 just a few weeks away from hitting theaters, fans are no doubt getting their fill of the smarmy-mouthed assassin any way they can, with new t-shirts, hats and other novelty items -- as well as their fair share of chimichangas.

But the team over at Numskull are taking things to the next level, with the debut of a new Official Marvel Deadpool Headset Stand.

This item is pretty much perfect for those that are looking for something to hold their favorite gaming headset, or, as you can see from the photo below, a number of other items. This could include a favorite baseball hat or your PlayStation VR headset. Or maybe you could just leave it the way it is and say you’re a fan of “Deadpool head.” (And more than likely, he’d probably say something wild in return.)

Deadpool Head 3

The premium quality item features a weighted base with a chrome finish and engraved logos, as well as an adjustable height mechanism that goes between 38 and 48 centimeters. Here’s the official item description from the product page:

“Wait ’til you get a load of this officially licensed Deadpool headset stand! It may not be able to break the fourth wall as well as the real deal, but it definitely won’t cause as much carnage in your home! Perfect for displaying headphones, snapbacks, PS VR headsets, or just as a kickass ornament! Puns not included.”

The Numskull-produced item, which ships from the UK, sells for around 39.99 in pounds, or around $55.04 in US currency. That may be a little expensive for just the hero’s head (hey, you, in the back, stop snickering), but it’s ideal if you want to celebrate all things Deadpool.

Deadpool Head

The item can be pre-ordered here, and is set to ship on May 9. That means, with overseas shipping, you might even be able to get it in time for the sequel.

It’d make a perfect placement for your gaming collection. Who knows, maybe you can set it next to your cherished copy of the Deadpool game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. All that’s missing is a plate of chimichangas. (Unless you picked one up on the way home…?)


Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.

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