'Spider-Man' Details Reveal Possible Miles Morales, Spider-Man Connection

Spider-Man PS4

New details on Spider-Man’s Miles Morales were revealed in a print copy of the Daily Bugle that’s being given out at PlayStation’s E3 booth.

Miles Morales was already confirmed to be in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive with the character slated to have a significant role in in the Spider-Man story. His character was featured in previous trailers and got a full feature story in the first print edition of the Daily Bugle, an article that was fittingly written by Mary Jane Watson who’s been confirmed as a reporter for the fictional newspaper. The article about Morales discussed his role within Midtown High School’s science team and praised his skill in the field of robotics while sizing him up alongside Peter Parker.

“But all eyes ended up on Midtown High School’s team, whose bot neither tied shoelaces into ‘bunny ears’ nor released pickle jars from the tight grip of their caps. Instead, the team walked away with top honors for a motion-detecting robot deployed at their own high school.

“This is the first win for Midtown since Peter Parker claimed the yet-to-be renamed Wilson Fisk Science Prize over seven years ago.”

The story might seem like a simple enough take on Morales that doesn’t appear to offer much at face value aside from an uplifting story about the character winning a competition, but the robotics talk gets so specific that it might be hinting at how Morales will help Spider-Man in the game. Insomniac Games is known for using gadgets in its games, and the web-slinging hero is known for using many himself, so it looks like Morales might end up helping Spider-Man, or Peter Parker as he’s known to Morales as far as we know now, with his tools he uses in combat. The mentioning of the motion-detecting robot was quite specific in the article about the character’s award-winning creation, so that might end up being a gadget in Spider-Man’s arsenal.

Morales himself also spoke provide a quote in the article, saying “It’s really cool to be a part of a team that geeks out so hard over tech. Looks like we’re not bad at it too!” Mentioning that he’s still in high school, the game confirms that he’s a teenager in PlayStation’s Spider-Man.


Insomniac Games has teased the relationship between Morales, Spider-Man, and Parker in the past, so it’s likely that this is just the start of the teasers.

Spider-Man is releasing on September 7 for the PlayStation 4.