Super Smash Bros. Player Sends Bomb Threat to Nintendo Store


A disgruntled Super Smash Bros. player sent a threatening message to the Nintendo World store in New York over the removal of game kiosks from inside the store.

The message sent to the Nintendo store reportedly involved a bomb threat, all over the playable game kiosks that were taken out of the store. Once the kiosks were removed from the store, a gamer who would rather have seen them stay where they were sent the threatening email to the store. A complaint was filed on Saturday, Inverse reported after speaking to the New York Police Department, but the actual email was sent back in April. The message was apparently sent to an email account associated with the store that remains largely unused and was noticed when employees were clearing out the inbox. Exact wording and text used in the bomb threat wasn’t shared, but it was reported that the person cited the removal of the Super Smash Bros. kiosks as the inspiration for sending the message.


News of the threat was first reported by Twitter user and Twitch streamer Mitsu who shared an announcement regarding the bomb threat that said the FBI was now involved with the situation. Inverse said that the NYPD couldn’t confirm that the FBI was involved in the case, though the initial report from Mitsu said that it’s now being investigated as a terrorist situation. Mitsu soon elaborated on the initial report and said that the threat didn’t prompt a closure of the store and that the message was not the only one from the sender before saying that no more would be said on the topic for now.

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