Sega Master System-Themed Book Hits Kickstarter and Immediately Becomes a Hit

Sega Master
(Photo: Kickstarter)

Bitmap Books has become well known for producing sharp-looking compendiums that take a look back at classic gaming systems from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Commodore 64 to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So...why shouldn’t the Sega Master System get a turn?

A new Kickstarter project posted by Bitmap and artist Sam Dyer went up a few days ago, offering the chance to create a compendium based on Sega’s 8-bit console, which faltered against the NES in the 80’s but still found a niche in the game market, particularly in Europe. And just like that, the retro community spoke up, making pledges to get the book made.

At the time of this report, the project has raised $91,340, more than $25,000 above its goal of $66,021. That means the book will have no trouble getting made with a potential release date of November 2018. It still has 26 days to go with its program as well, so stretch goals may likely be introduced.

You can see potential pages from the compendium at this link, though we included a couple of pages on here as well.

Sega Master 2
(Photo: Kickstarter)

The compendium will feature full color pages and look at the games releases for the system around the world including Europe and Brazil. For good measure it will also include a free bookmark and a pair of 3D glasses, fashioned after the pair that originally were on sale for the system long ago.

“As the name suggests, within each compendium the visuals are the main focus, with 200-word soundbites of text accompanying each game spread. This may be a quote from the game’s original developer or artist, a review from a well known journalist, or even a fan recounting their favourite gaming memories. Within each book you'll also find a series of larger features and interviews with developers and artists, ensuring a great mix of visuals and words. Overall, each these books contains around 60,000 words and hundreds of iconic images; each one is a perfect coffee-table art book,” the Kickstarter page reads.

Sega Master 3
(Photo: Kickstarter)

“All of our books are produced by graphic designer Sam Dyer. Hundreds of man hours are spent making sure each and every page looks as good as it possibly can; colours are impeccably balanced and the presentation is perfect. The best printers and binders are used and little extra touches are added here and there to make each book a beautiful thing to own, read and collect.”

Want to contribute and get a copy of your own? Visit the Kickstarter here and prepare for classic Sega gaming goodness!