PUBG Patch Adds New Weapon, Rebalances Guns

(Photo: PUBG Corp.)

A new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch has landed on the Xbox One’s test servers with a new gun and balance changes for a variety of weapons.

Called the PUBG test server (PTS), the testing grounds are open to any Xbox One player who already has a copy of PUBG. It’s a separate download, and once you’re in, you’ll be able to try out everything that’s included in the next patch before it goes live for everyone else.

New to the console version of the game is the SLR, a weapon that’ll be available no matter what map you’re on. This rifle uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine with the patch notes putting its damage above the SKS though at the cost of more recoil.

Along with the new weapon, the patch notes listed all of the changes coming to the game’s weapons. You can see the full list of gun changes below to see if your favorite weapon is affected by the update.


  • Increased the damage of the P92, P1911, P18C, R1895, and R45


  • Increased overall damage and effective range
  • Shotgun chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread (so the effective spread for a shotgun with a choke or duckbill will be similar to before)
  • Increased limb shots modifier (shooting limbs now does more damage)
  • Slightly decreased the damage of the S686 and S1897
  • Reduced pellet spread
  • Shotgun chokes can now be attached to the sawed-off


  • Adjusted SMGs to be more effective in short range combat
  • Increased limb shots modifier
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Micro UZI, UMP9, and Vector
  • Decreased vertical recoil on all SMGs
  • Decreased recoil and scope sway when moving in ADS (aiming down sights)
  • Increased ADS transition speed
  • To make the Vector a little easier to find, we’ve increased its spawn rate at the expense of the spawn rate of the UMP-9 (overall SMG spawn rate remains the same).


  • Rebalanced ARs so none is the “objective” best—the power differential between each is now reduced, but each brings advantages to different situations.
  • Slightly decreased the damage of the M16A4, SCAR-L, AUG, and M416
  • Increased reload time by 30% for the SCAR-L, M16A4, and M416
  • Increased reload time by 10% for the AKM
  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil for all ARs except the AKM
  • Decreased recoil recovery rate for all ARs
  • Restricted big scopes (8x and 15x) for use with all ARs
  • Modified recoil animations for all ARs
  • First shot (including first shot after recoil resets) from the M16A4 now has less recoil.


  • Increased head, body, and limb shot modifier
  • Decreased the damage of the SKS
  • Slightly increased the damage of the VSS and Mini14
  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil for all DMRs
  • Decreased the recoil recovery rate for all DMRs
  • Added new recoil animations for all DMRs
  • Increased world spawn rate of DMRs.
  • DMRs now use AR attachments (magazines, compensators, etc.) along with SR attachments


  • Decreased basic damage of the M24 from 88 to 79
  • M24 will no longer dropped in care package. It spawns in the world
  • Both SR quickdraw magazines and SR extended quickdraw magazines now spawn only in care packages

Other guns

  • Slightly increased the damage of the DP28 and M249
  • Restricted big scopes (8x and 15x) for use with LMGs (DP28, M249)
  • Reduced crossbow reloading time from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds
  • Weapon sway has been adjusted for all weapons (slightly increased side-to-side movement). And sway is now more pronounced when holding your breath.
  • Weapon sway when moving is now also reduced by the cheek pad attachment
  • Cheek pads now help you recover from weapon sway more quickly after moving

The patch includes a host of other changes to vehicles and items, all of that seen here.