DOOM Eternal Will Have Story DLC And Traditional Multiplayer, But No SnapMap

(Photo: Bethesda)

Today, Bethesda and id Software unveiled the first-ever look at DOOM Eternal's gameplay, as well as provided a slab of details related to the game.

In this detail slab, was word that SnapMap won't be returning for the sequel, but that there will be post-launch story DLC and the return of traditional multiplayer.

News comes way of id Software's Marty Stratton (via PCGamesN), who while speaking about the sequel, revealed what it does different. And one of these things is that it has abandoned SnapMap, the multiplayer creation tools that let you create stages in DOOM and then share them with other people.

While SnapMap sounded like an excellent idea on paper, in practice it failed to resonate, partially because multiplayer for the game was essentially dead on arrival due to its mediocrity.

At the time of its reveal, you could tell id Software was smitten about SnapMap and its possibilities, as were many of us, but unfortunately we may never see the potential of the feature.

The good thing is the resources saved on SnapMap will be shifted to give players what they want post-launch: and that's more story/campaign DLC.

“One of the big criticisms – and even if I could go back and do it again – I think we’d do campaign DLC after launch," said Stratton speaking about 2016's DOOM. "People really wanted that. They wanted stuff created by us. SnapMap was really cool. I loved it. But it didn’t really scratch that itch for people."

At the moment, id Software hasn't divulged any details about said story DLC. But it did provide a slither of insight into multiplayer.

According to Stratton (via Polygon), the PvP multiplayer will be something new and not simply an extension of what it was last time. Further, it will be developed entirely in-house, unlike the multiplayer of its predecessor. Stratton continued saying that id Software isn't ready to talk about multiplayer further, but did say he thinks fans will love what it has cooking.


Speaking of multiplayer, DOOM Eternal is also adding the ability to invade other player's campaigns apart of "Slayer Hunting Parties" in an attempt to kill said player.

DOOM Eternal is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. A release date has yet to be revealed.