KSI & Logan Paul Will Have A Rematch

The fight ... is over. The extremely (yet short-lived) fight between YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul is over and ... it ended in a draw. Anti-climatic, sure ... staged? Probably.

The hype leading up to the event lasted for weeks. The match itself lasted a whopping six rounds while the two YouTubers tried to smash the other's face in. Though one of the judges cited a clear win for KSI, the rest said it was clearly an even match which resulted in the "Majority Draw" ruling.

But ... it's not over. A rematch has officially been declared which should only fuel KSI given that Paul mentioned he felt as though he won.

But ... we're not the only ones that feel like there's something else at play here. A little set up made from the beginning to keep those clicks flowin'.


Still - in the ring, anything goes - even scripts. With YouTube and streaming culture being at an all time high and Logan seemingly unable to keep himself out of a negative limelight, it will be interesting to see the showdown continue.

Were you one of the people excited to see the showdown, or did you think it was a waste of time? Sound off with your own thoughts in the comment section below and in the meantime - enjoy these lovely reactions from viewers everywhere: