'Marvel's Spider-Man' References 'Black Panther' and King T'Challa

Marvel’s Spider-Man players can come across the Wakandan Embassy when swinging around New York and can even hear a direct reference to King T’Challa from Spider-Man himself.

It’s been known for a while that the Wakandan Embassy would exist among other recognizable landmarks from the Marvel universe and real-world New York. Back in April, gameplay footage and discussions about the game revealed that locations such as the Avengers Tower and Sanctum Santorum could be located and climbed, but the capacity in which they’d be involved in the game wasn’t clear since the ultimate focus was still on Spider-Man and not the rest of Marvel’s heroes.

In the video above from AMHarbinger, we get to see what Spider-Man has to say about the Wakandan Embassy when he comes across it during a side mission. While swinging through New York and taking pictures of prominent locations in the city, real or not, one of the landmarks that Spider-Man visits is the Wakandan Embassy. After snapping a photo of it, it triggers some dialogue about King T’Challa and radioactive panthers.

“I wonder if King T’Challa got his powers from being bitten by a radioactive panther,” Spider-Man jokes after seeing the Wakandan Embassy. “Dude’s tough, but that’d still probably hurt.”

That’s all Spider-Man has to say about the Black Panther though, so despite encountering the embassy and hearing about the hero, there doesn’t appear to be much more to find regarding King T’Challa and his Wakandan allies. He doesn’t actually appear in the game himself, nor do many other heroes despite being reference occasionally, but their absence falls in line with Insomniac Games’ previous statements that there wouldn’t be any other heroes in the game so that the focus could be on the web-slinger.


To see more locations such as the Wakandan Embassy scattered throughout the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, taking part in the landmark quest that’s referenced in the video above will fast-track players right to notable buildings. The quest is a simple one that lets Spider-Man make use of his Daily Bugle experience by taking photos of landmarks throughout the city in exchange for tokens that are required to upgrade equipment. You’ll find the Sanctum Santorum when doing this quest with Spider-Man also making a comment about that building as well as the Avengers Tower, though it’s hard to miss the latter since it’s so large and is likely one of the first buildings that players will want to find and jump off of.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now for the PlayStation 4 with many more references like this one and others, one of which has to do with Pokemon Go.