New 'Control' Developer Diary Introduces Protagonist Jesse Faden

Today, Remedy Entertainment -- the award-winning developer behind titles such as Alan Wake and Max Payne -- released the fourth developer diary in an ongoing video series that dives deep into its upcoming mystery-fueled action game, Control.

While the previous diaries were about the game's story, gameplay, and setting, this newest one gets even more specific by focusing on the protagonist, Jesse Faden, who is played by Courtney Hope, who has previously worked with the studio on Quantum Break as Beth Wilder.

According to the video, Faden represents almost a juxtaposition, as a young woman trying to figure out what went wrong in the game's setting, The Bureau, which was run by the "old guard" aka "old guys."

Pitched as "a new type of hero," Faden is described as having always personally suffered from feelings like she has never belonged because of her gift to see more of the world, more than the surface reality than other people can.

Without revealing any spoilers, the video says that Faden is far from a stranger to the unexplainable -- which is one of the themes of the game -- as something early on in her childhood, something "cataclysmic," impacted not only her, but her family, and even her entire town. And ever since then, she's been exploring and looking for answers as to what happened to her.

Upon arriving at the Bureau, Faden apparently feels instantly connected, or as the video puts it, "finally somewhere she belongs," suggesting the place has something to do with what happened to her all those years ago, and that there will be answers there.

Speaking about Faden, the aforementioned Hope notes that she's excited to bring alive the character, and notes that she's "badas."

Control is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is scheduled to release sometime next year.


In case you missed it, be sure to check out the game's debut trailer, which premiered earlier this year at E3 2018 during Sony Interactive Entertainment's media showcase.

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