These Nintendo Switch GameCube Controllers Are a Bargain for 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, and you have some decisions to make between now and then. If you don't have a Nintendo Switch, you might be tempted to get the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle. If you do have a Switch, you can pre-order the game on Amazon with a $10 Prime credit, or you could go for the Ultimate Special Edition with the SteelBook case and Smash Bros. Pro Controller. Then again, maybe the Smash Bros. GameCube controller is more your speed.

If you opt for Nintendo's official GameCube controller for the Nintendo Switch, you'll also need the adapter, which brings the total cost to $40. If you plan on playing with several friends locally with GameCube controllers (old or new), this is definitely the way to go. However, if you will be spending most of your time interacting with other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players online, then one of these officially licensed GameCube-style controllers from HORI or PDP is probably a better option. They plug directly into the USB ports on the Switch dock, so no adapter is necessary. That brings the total cost to only $24.99.

Not only that, the HORI and PDP GameCube controllers have features that the standard model lacks. The Pokemon, Zelda, and Super Mario-themed designs are one obvious difference, but the HORI controllers also feature anti-snapback analog sticks and fast-action, programmable L/R & ZL/ZR buttons. There are also turbo settings that could give you an edge while playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The PDP controllers, on the other hand, feature a swappable C-Stick that allows you to go with the classic style or a full-size version.

Keep in mind that none of these GameCube controller options have a rumble feature, but they will all allow you to play Super Smash. Bros Ultimate the way that it was meant to be played. You can pre-order the HORI controllers here and the PDP controllers here.

The controllers are also covered by Amazon's pre-order guarantee, so you won't be charged until they ship and you'll automatically get any discounts that occur between the time that you order and the December 7th release date.


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