New 'Fortnite' LTM Brings Players to the Wild West

Epic Games is saying "Howdy partner" to all of their Fortnite fans with a new Wild West Limited Time Mode just in time for all of the Red Dead Redemption 2 hype going around.

"This town ain't big enough for the hundred of us," boasts the latest update from the team over at Epic Games. "Use weapons from frontier times in this Limited Time Mode to earn a Victory Royale!"


The studio added, "Fight for the Victory Royale using a limited set of weapons and items such as Hunting Rifles, Shotguns and Dynamite." Unfortunately the mode is going to be a little hard to go all in on since Epic Games was forced to remove the Dynamite feature almost immediately after it went live. Still, there are other weapons available and the team did mention they were working hard on a fix to bring the item back as quickly as possible.

For those interested in the new LTM:

  • Available Weapons
    • Hunting Rifle
    • Pump Shotgun
    • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Six Shooter
    • Minigun
  • Available Items
    • Campfire
    • Bandages
    • Medical Kits
    • Dynamite
    • Slurp Juice
  • Supply Drops can contain
    • Epic Six Shooters
    • Legendary Double Barrel Shotguns and Miniguns
    • Slurp Juice

As for the item itself that's been removed, when it comes back - this is what you have to look forward to:


New Weapon: Dynamite

  • Uncommon rarity, found in stacks of 3.
  • Available from floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops.
  • 70 damage to players and 800 damage to structures.
  • Explosion is in the shape of a flat cylinder
    • 1600 units in diameter and 384 units in height.
  • Initiating a throw will start a 5-second fuse that can’t be canceled.
  • Throw range is shorter than standard Grenades.

Though the latest Fortnite update is much smaller than previous weeks, it does seem to be all about events and less about bug fixes. Hopefully the team will be able to get everything back up and running smoothly for those excited to get their cowboy on.

The latest update for Fortnite is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and select Android devices. What do you think about the latest update and the new western theme? Anything you're hoping to see make its way into the game soon? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below!