'Battlefield V' Trailer Released for 'Chapter 1: Overture' Update

EA DICE released a new trailer for Battlefield V’s first big Tides of War update called Chapter 1: Overture.

Part of Battlefield V’s live service model that expands the game’s content through a series of free updates that add new features and game modes, Tides of War adds everything from single-player content to multiplayer maps. Chapter 1: Overture will do just that with a new War Story called “The Last Tiger.”

“The Last Tiger, a new single-player War Story, lets you join the German crew of a Tiger I tank, operating a near-indestructible vehicle in an unwinnable battle on the homeland’s borders,” EA DICE said about the War Story previewed in the trailer.

The Overture update will also add the Panzerstorm map as another playable location in Battlefield V’s multiplayer component, that map shown throughout the trailer with tanks rolling through battlegrounds. Panzerstorm is set in Belgium’s countryside and is a “vehicle-based fighting ground.”

Also included in the Overture update are features like a Practice Range where Battlefield V players can test different weapons, the ability to customize vehicles, and new progression rewards for the Chapter.

Monday’s trailer previews the update, but Battlefield V players won’t actually receive the content until the update is released on December 4th. EA DICE shared a post on the game’s forums to tell Battlefield V players when the update would be applied and said the game’s multiplayer mode would be offline for an hour. The game’s downtime will take place early in the morning during the times listed below though, so it shouldn’t affect too many players during the short downtime:

  • PC – Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting at 0900 UTC / 1AM PDT
  • PS4 – Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting at 1000 UTC / 2AM PDT.
  • Xbox One – Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting at 1100 UTC / 3AM PDT.

EA DICE’s post on the game’s forums also said that the notes for the update would be released after the update had fully been rolled out, but that message does contradict something previously said by Battlefield V’s global community manager Dan Mitre. The community manager commented on Reddit within a preview of the Battlefield V update and said EA DICE was “prepping for publish on Monday” to release the patch notes, though something might’ve changed since that message.

Battlefield V’s new Tides of War update will release on December 4th for all platforms with the schedule for the remainder of the updates seen at the end of the trailer.