Marvel's 'League of Legends' Comics Will Explore Alternate Universes

The League of Legends comics created by Riot Games and Marvel Entertainment have already featured one of the game’s most recognizable champions, but Riot Games’ head of creative development said the comics will also explore some parallel universes created by different skin lines.

Riot Games’ first comic with Marvel was Ashe: Warmother and was all about the archer known as Ashe, one of the many champions in the game. Each of the game’s champions have their own selection of skins, some of which exist as sets that are part of alternate universes outside of the game’s primary lore. It’s through those skins and the worlds they create that Riot Games’ creative development head Greg Street said Riot Games and Marvel will expand on in the comics to showcase different versions of the settings and characters League of Legends players are familiar with.

Dot Esports spoke to Street and asked him if the parallel universes created by skin sets like the High Noon or K/DA cosmetics would be featured in the Marvel comics. Street didn’t confirm any specific universes that’ll be explored, but he did give some hypotheticals to give an idea of areas Riot Games is considering.

“Definitely. We know players want to learn more about these alternate universes and they are fun for us to work in for a few reasons,” Street told Dot Esports. “For example, it’s interesting to see how a particular part of Runeterra manifests in different universes. What does Demacia look like in High Noon? Is there a K/DA Skarner? Okay, probably not.”


The High Noon universe is just one of many that Riot Games has created with its skins, and each one of these subsets of League of Legends lore already has plenty of potential to be explored. With short bios available for every League of Legends skin in the High Noon category, the champions have backstories that line up with their traditional lore though with a Western twist. Some of the most recognizable champions in the skin line are Yasuo and Jhin, but it includes other skins like Bandito Fiddlesticks, Longhorn Alistar, High Noon Thresh, and Sandscourge Skarner.

Riot Games’ and Marvel’s first League of Legends comic is already out now with a preview of that comic seen above and the full story readable here.