New 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Update Will Set the Stage for League Play

Treyarch has another Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update coming which will pave the way for the League Play feature that isn’t far away now.

Update 1.11 is coming next week to Black Ops 4, Treyarch said, and with that update comes changes for each of the three major modes. Zombies, Blackout, and multiplayer are all affected by the update, but it’s the changes for the latter that those waiting for League Play to be implemented will be happy to hear about as the update sets the foundation for the competitive Black Ops 4 mode to be added.

The update will start by adding two DLC maps, Madagascar and Elevation, to the full map rotation for those who have the Black Ops Pass. This includes the Hardcore game modes, so players who paid for those maps will now be able to play them in full and will see them more often. Future DLC maps will be added to multiplayer’s map rotation as they’re released, Treyarch said.

Having those DLC maps in the full rotation is just part of the playlist update Treyarch has planned with new Featured Playlists coming in the same patch.

“Speaking of playlist updates, we’ll have a fresh batch of rotating Featured Playlists coming into MP with 1.11, along with additional stability fixes and other quality-of-life improvements,” Treyarch said about the next update. “Stay tuned for next week’s patch notes for all the details.”

All of these changes and more will prepare players for League Play, but players will also be able to catch some of the best players competing against each other in the same week when the new update is planned to be released across all platforms.


“This update will also help to set the stage for League Play’s launch by the end of January, which we announced in our community update on January 8,” Treyarch said. “Watch for more details on League Play as we get closer to launching the World League Hub, and tune into the CWL Pro League Qualifiers on Jan. 16-20 to watch all the action unfold as 28 teams compete to secure their place in the Black Ops 4 Pro League at”

Treyarch officially announced the release of League Play days ago after players requested it frequently since the game’s launch. An officially release date for League Play isn’t known beyond Treyarch saying it’ll be out by the end of January, but you can read all about League Play and how it’ll work here.