PlayStation 5 Features Teased With New Listing

Though Sony did confirm that the PlayStation 5 was currently in the works, we haven't heard anything more concrete about the next generation since then. We've had leaks, rumors, and patent reveals, but nothing firmly from Sony themselves about what's to come. Until the team decides to make an official reveal, it's up to gamers to try to scrounge up any details we can for those anxious to know what's next. Luckily, we may have just gotten a new look at what some of the PlayStation 5 features will be thanks to a new job listing.

A new job post has just been revealed with Sony now looking for a Senior Network Operations Engineer at one of their offices in California. According to the listing, "As a primary member of the Network Engineering team you will be responsible for the development, support and mid to long term considerations of an advanced global IP network that adheres to the highest standards to provide robust, low latency game streaming services to PlayStation Now customers around the globe. You will help contribute to an automation first operations team (DevOps) to increase our efficiencies and ability to scale rapidly as we build the next generation PlayStation backbone."

This isn't the first time that we've seen streaming take a front row seat for Sony's attention, but it looks like we've got a little more official word to go on rather than just analyst input. To further put a few more pieces together, resposibilties of the new position include:

  • Contribute to the design and enhancement of the global backbone and datacenter infrastructures.
  • Leverage networking tools to identify and mitigate network anomalies.
  • Analyze application data and traffic flow data to identify and improve on sub-optimal network behaviors.
  • Leverage and assist in the development of automation tools and processes to proactively monitor the health of the network and respond to events.
  • Participate in developing policies, procedures and technical reports associated with operating and maintaining the global network.
  • Guide and assist deployment engineers in the implementation of new topologies and services.
  • Provide technical guidance and support to junior engineers in interpreting and reacting to network events.

Pretty standard stuff for a software engineer, but it does bode well for their promise earlier last year to improve the PlayStation Network exponentially. Though PlayStation has a stellar game line-up, it's no secret that their network leaves little to be desired. Though all platforms are open to breaches, it appears PlayStation has the weakest security out of Nintendo and Microsoft which leaves many players' information vulnerable to the public.


Hopefully with the network itself improving and more of a focus on performance overall, PlayStation fans can have even more to look forward to with the next generation.

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