New Fortnite Season 9 Teaser Revealed

Another Fortnite teaser has been revealed ahead of the start of Season 9 that’s coming later this week. The next season is poised to begin on May 9th, and to lead up to that transition, Epic Games has been trickling out a stream of teasers and peeks into next season’s themes and some of the skins players will be able to unlock. Fortnite’s latest teaser for Season 9 said “The Future is Bright” and showed off one of these outfits.

In the image that’s shown below, we see what looks like a futuristic, hi-tech outfit that’ll undoubtedly be part of the Season 9 Battle Pass, if previous seasons’ teasers are any indication of what’s to come. Every season has a theme to it, and judging from what’s shown in this one and the first teaser, it looks like Season 9 will revolve around futuristic content.

The previous teaser supports that idea with another image that said “The Future is Unknown.” When comparing the two, it looks like Epic Games might once again be setting up a good guy vs. bad guy dynamic considering the different tones of the teasers. Also like previous seasons’ teasers, these images appear to be spelling out something with the first one housing its character inside an “N” and the second having an “E” instead.

How Epic Games plans on transitioning Fortnite into the future is unknown until it actually happens, but it’ll likely be quite the event considering the state of Fortnite right now. A volcano just destroyed Tilted Towers and affected other parts of the map, and with the other features that still exist from Season 8, it seems like it’d take some big changes to push Fortnite into the future like Season 9 is poised to do.

Fortnite’s Season 9 is scheduled to start on May 9th.



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