Star Wars: Vader Immortal Story Details Revealed

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series will be arriving later this month for the Oculus Quest headset, which will provide players with an untethered experience within a galaxy far, far away. However, the developers don't consider those who take part in the new series as players, but rather "participants," as the journey hovers somewhere between a video game and a stage play. At least, that is what writer and executive producer David S. Goyer says about Vader Immortal in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. In fact, Goyer offered up many details about the upcoming series.

Those who take part in the journey will take on the role of a captured smuggler who is accompanied by their droid co-pilot ZO-E3, who happens to be voiced by Maya Rudolph. Since the participant does not have a voice in-game, ZO-E3 will be doing the heavy lifting. "What we did instead was say, ‘Okay, well, we’d need to use our sidekick droid, Zoe, to give you a voice,” director Ben Snow said. "One of the great aspects of being able to get Maya Rudolph to play Zoe, was we needed the character to be your guide. The character had to be worldly, knowledgeable and feel assured and confident. And also, she had to lighten the mood sometimes."

As for what Vader Immortal is all about, the participant will be helping out Vader, fighting alongside him, and trying to escape from him. He believes your powers can help him on his mission to solve an ancient mystery. All in all, the series will help people understand the titular Sith Lord a little better than before. "Vader is in constant pain," Snow said. "He has a constant headache, and his whole body is in pain. I think that help makes him such an iconic and rich bad guy."

Goyer chimed in with a bit of inspiration behind the upcoming series. "I raised a question, 'What does Vader do when he’s not Force-choking people?'" Goyer said. "What does he do when he walks into his meditation chamber, and his shoulders slump, and he doesn’t have the weight of the Empire on him for that moment? What does he think about? We tried to start to get at that in that [spying] scene as well."

The first episode will be focused on learning lore, especially when it comes to the Mustafarian civilization's secrets. The series as a whole will also place a spotlight on exploring instead of surviving and solving puzzles. When it comes to the second episode, Vader will be teaching you the Force, which should totally go over well. "As you can imagine, he’s not the most patient teacher," Goyer said. Vader Immortal will take place before Rogue One's events and the story being told is canon.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal's first installment is set to be available beginning on May 21st when the Oculus Quest arrives. The first episode will cost $9.99. For more on the upcoming title, check out some of our previous coverage.

What do you think about this? Are you excited to check out this VR experience? If this one does well, should they give Darth Maul the same treatment? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!



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