League of Legends Brings Back This Rainbow Icon With New In-Game Effects

League of Legends players who missed out on the Rainbow Fluft Summoner Icon last year have another chance to pick it up from the store now that it’s back, but it’s not just a simple icon. Like other icons that qualify players to complete certain missions or participate in events in the past, this Rainbow Fluft icon will give players special in-game effects when equipped. Set it as your default icon and you’ll find yourself zooming around your fountain with a rainbow trail flowing behind you.

The icon was added last year in support of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB), a day that’s observed on May 17th. You’ll have to purchase the icon and equip it to benefit from its effects, but like last year, it only costs 1 Blue Essence in the store. Last year’s icon granted players a special spawn-in animation, and seen in the video above, this year’s offers a bit more including a custom background for players’ profiles.

Over 3.5 million players supported the day by purchasing and using the icon last year, Riot Games said. To be among those that do it again, you can pick up the icon from the in-game store for the low Blue Essence cost from now until May 30th. The extra effects will be present in the game until the end of Patch 9.10, Riot said.

Riot’s also doing work outside of the game just like it did last year. Donations are being made to organizations such as The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Project.

“We’re also building upon our longstanding support of both The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better Project,” Riot said. “Mirroring our efforts last IDAHOTB, we’re splitting a $100,000 donation to the two charities. This year’s donations are going to TrevorSpace, a worldwide online community for LGBTQIA+ youth, and the It Gets Better Project’s Global Summits, which enable international IGBP affiliates to work with their local LGBTQIA+ organizations.”

The Rainbow Fluft icon will be available in the store for 1 Blue Essence until May 30th.



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