Pokemon Go Adds Candy Bonuses; Kyogre Returns to Raids

Pokemon Go is dishing out a ton of candy bonuses for the completion of last weekend's Global Challenges. Last weekend, Pokemon Go challenged its players to complete a whopping 46 million Field Research tasks over a 4-day period that corresponded with Pokemon Go Fest. Players easily completed the challenge by Sunday evening, and as a reward players will get several extra candy bonuses over the next few days. Between now and June 25th, players will receive twice as much candies when they catch a Pokemon or hatch a Pokemon. Plus, players will also only need to walk half the distance to hatch a Pokemon egg, and will receive at least one Rare Candy whenever they successfully complete a raid.


In addition to these bonuses, Pokemon Go also re-added the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre to raids as an incentive for players to go out and raid this week. Kyogre is the strongest Water-type Pokemon in the game, and also has a Shiny variant available. Kyogre will remain as a potential Raid Boss between now and June 27th. Kyogre is weak against Electric-type and Grass-type Pokemon, with Electric-type Pokemon having an advantage unless its sunny outside.

As one final reward for players, Pokemon Go announced the date of an upcoming mini-event focused on Raikou. Raikou will appear in all gyms as a Raid Boss from 4 PM to 7 PM local time on June 29th. Not only is this a good opportunity to stock up on Raikou and Raikou candies, players also have a chance of encountering a Shiny Raikou when they beat it as a Raid Boss. Similar mini-events will be held featuring Entei and Suicune supposing that players complete other Global Research Challenges later this summer.

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