PlayStation Makes PS4 Exclusive Free For Limited Time Only

PlayStation has announced that it's making one of PS4's best PlayStation VR exclusive games free, for a limited time. More specifically, Sony has revealed that Firewall Zero Hour will be free from June 28 through July 1 on PS4 if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Now, it's important to note this is a free trial, not a free download. Meaning, come July 1, you won't own the game once it's over, however, your progress will carry over if you do decide to purchase the game after. To further sweeten the deal, PlayStation is dishing out double XP during the period.

For those that don't know: Firewall Zero Hour is better than its generic name suggests. It's a virtual-reality first-person shooter developed by First Contact Entertainment and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It released last year on PS4, via the PlayStation VR, on August 28. It's widely considered one of the best games on PSVR.

In the game -- which can't be played without a PlayStation VR -- you choose from one of 12 contractors that have been hired by anonymous contract handlers and must work as a team to either protect or obtain valuable data, housed on a laptop located in dangerous locations around the globe. There's a lot of gimmicks on VR platforms, but this is far from one of them. It's actually some of the most fun I've had in virtual-reality.

Each team's anonymous contract handlers acts as their "eye in the sky" and guides each match by providing objectives and critical information along the way. In order to win, you're going to need highly coordinated teamwork, and of course you will need to take advantage of your arsenal of modern weapons and equipment.


Put in simpler terms, the game is basically Rainbow Six Siege, but in VR. Below, you can check it out, courtesy of its launch trailer.

Anyway, if you're interested in checking the game out, for free, then you can find it on the PlayStation Store by clicking right here. Meanwhile, for more news, media, and information on all things PlayStation 4, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the system and everything on it by clicking right here.

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