Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon, Launches New Global Challenge for European Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go has added a new Shiny Pokemon to celebrate a new Pokemon Go Fest event in Dortmund, which coincides with a new Global Challenge for the game. Today marks the start of a new Pokemon Go Fest live event in Dortmund, Germany. Attendees will get the chance to catch rare species of Pokemon and complete a Special Research task that culminates with the capture of Jirachi, a brand new Mythical Pokemon. While the Pokemon Go Fest live events have grown immensely over the last three years, many players still can't attend, so Pokemon Go is spreading out the benefits with increased spawns of certain Pokemon, a new Shiny Pokemon, and a new Global Challenge.

As part of Pokemon Go Fest, Pokemon Go added the Shiny version of Nidoran (M) to the game. Unlike the normal fuschia-colored version of the Pokemon, the Shiny version of Nidoran (M) is a light blue, just like its female counterpart. This isn't exclusive to Pokemon Go Fest attendees, so players everywhere have a chance to add a new Shiny Pokemon to their collection. In addition, Pokemon like Spoink, Girafirag, and Grimer are also spawning with increased frequency as part of the event.


Pokemon Go is also challenging players to complete a Global Challenge by completing 46 million Field Research tasks over the weekend. Each team will have 4 days to complete 15 million Field Research tasks, and attendees of Pokemon Go Fest will be required to complete an additional 1 million tasks. Rewards for completing the Global Challenge include triple XP bonuses for hatching and catching Pokemon, increased lengths for Lucky eggs, and an Entei Raid Day later this month.

Players will have until July 7th to complete the Global Research quest. Any bonuses earned during the event will go into effect on July 9th and last until July 16th. The Entei Raid Day will take place on July 14th.