Microsoft Files Patent for Detachable Controllers

xbox elite
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Microsoft has filed a patent as of July 9th for a device which would charge “removable input modules.” While the patent itself pertains directly to the charging device, it shows designs of two controller modules that can either be attached to the device for charging or can be placed on either side of a mobile device to control a game. Evidence of the designs for this type of technology from Microsoft first surfaced in 2019, and the patents show that something pertaining to them is still in the works.

Spotted first by Windows Latest, the patent that can be seen here describes a few different components that would either control a device or charge the device that’s doing the controlling. An abstract description for the charging device makes reference to the controllers it would be used with.

“A charging device for one or more input modules for a touch-screen device is described,” the patent reads. “The charging device comprises a charging mechanism and portions which are shaped to receive an input module. The charging mechanism comprises a power input and a power output. The power input is configured to receive power from an external power source and the power input is configured to provide power to one or more input modules which are attached to the charging device.”

Microsoft Controller
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Microsoft Controller2
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Elsewhere in the patent’s contents, diagrams are shown that depict the two controllers attached to the charging device as well as what it would look like when they’re attached to a mobile device. A detailed description of the devices in question shows that the design above with the mobile device depicted shows a schematic diagram of a system which comprises two removable input modules which can be temporarily attached to a touch-screen device and which provide input controls.”


That’s a lot of abstract patent lingo and other phrases to say that these are devices which would help one control a mobile game. Microsoft has been moving forward recently with developments that would allow Xbox One and Windows users to play games on a variety of devices, and this appears to be a continuation of that.

Windows Central reported last year on prototypes which appeared to be for the devices shown here in the patents. Research documents obtained by the site depicted two halves of one controller that would be placed on either side of a device with one of the designs looking exactly like the modules shown in the images above.