League of Legends Teases New PROJECT Skins

Riot Games is teasing some new PROJECT content for 2019 with a brief video that indicates we’ll see at least two skins this year that are set in that universe. The brief video was shared on League of Legends’ various social media accounts, and based on some evidence that surfaced prior to the teaser, players might already have an idea of who the two skins will be for. Judging from past PROJECT events and releases, the reveals likely won’t stop at just two skins.

The video below is the one in question which was shared on the main League Twitter account among other spots. It shows the PROJECT logo that’s featured during every event being peppered with laser blasts before something slashes it across its center. Everything goes dark before the PROJECT sign is illuminated with reds and oranges at which point the PROJECT teaser cuts off, leaving League fans to speculate about what’s to come.

If you take into consideration some info that seems to have leaked though, there’s not quite as much speculation needed to figure out what this teaser might be alluding to. A video that’s been circulating within the League communities recently shows a Spanish streamer who appears to be in the League Partner program switching over to Discord on stream. Several different conversations are going on at once, but the most interesting one that stays on the screen before the player switches away from it appears to reference PROJECT skins for Pyke and Jinx.


With those two names in mind, the teaser makes a bit more sense. The hail of laser blasts come so fast that one of the only champions they can come from would be Jinx if the champion had a laser minigun instead of her normal weaponry. As for the slash that follows the laser blasts, it looks a lot like the shape that Pyke’s Bone Skewer would take when it’s used at short range. It also resembles the ability icon for the champion’s spell, but there are plenty of champs in the game who have slashing attacks, so that connection isn’t quite as strong as Jinx’s.

Either way, we’ll probably see more content than just two skins whether that comes in the form of additional champion skins, Summoner Icons, event orbs, or other types of products. Expect to see a full reveal from Riot in the future as we see who will get these two skins and what else League players have waiting for them.