First Trailer for Root Released

Dire Wolf Digital has released the first trailer for their upcoming adaptation of the hit board game, Root. Earlier this week, Dire Wolf showed off an early look at Root, the digital version of the popular strategy game by Leder Games. In Root, players assume control of one of four woodland forces, each of which have different goals and ways to score victory points. Dire Wolf Digital appears to have lovingly recrafted Root in digital form, complete with 3D renders of the game's unique aesthetic.

Root received widespread praise in 2018 for its innovative asymmetric approach to strategy, as each faction operates in wildly different ways. While their are some common ways to score victory points, the factions each have different abilities and aims - meaning that the game can radically shift depending on which factions are involved. For instance, while the Marquise de Cat and Eyrie factions have similar goals of controlling clearings, the Marquise de Cat is primarily concerned with resource control, while the Eyrie builds an engines of actions that grows in power every turn. The Woodland Alliance seeks to build sympathy for its resistance by fermenting rebellion, while the Vagabond tries to play the field by trading with other players and gaining valuable items.


It appears that Dire Wolf Digital's version of Root will include only the four original factions in the game. Leder Games recently added four factions to Root via its Underground and Riverfolk expansions, but it doesn't seem that the Lizard Cult or the Great Underground Duchy will make an appearance in the digital adaptation of least, not yet.

The digital version of Root will be released later this year.

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