Xbox Would Like to See Game Pass "On All Platforms"

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription has been giving Xbox users a robust collection of games to play since it’s launch with PC users now benefiting from the service since June. If distant plans for the service work out, it may eventually be available on other platforms as well. Xbox’s head of gaming services Ben Decker recently spoke with Gamereactor and expressed an interest in seeing Games Pass available “on all platforms.”

Gamereactor spoke with Decker during Gamescom and asked about the future of Xbox Game Pass, a service which already boasts a ton of different games ranging from Microsoft’s first-party titles to other games from big studios. Decker had no specifics to offer, but the Xbox head said the team wanted Gmae Pass to b e everywhere in the future.

“You know, we would like to see Game Pass on all platforms ultimately and I think that is a long term goal,” Decker told Gamereactor. “We don't have any specific plans today, but we would love to see Game Pass really go everywhere.”

No specific platforms were mentioned of course, but saying “all platforms” doesn’t really leave room for omissions. Microsoft has been investing in the console, PC, and mobile markets with new technology and games, but it’s also been working with Nintendo to offer certain games like Cuphead on the platform. This wouldn’t be the first time discussions about having Xbox Game Pass on the Switch have come up, though nothing concrete came of the past surge of rumors and speculations. Seeing the service on the PlayStation family of consoles seems the least likely of all, though PlayStation would certainly fall under the “all platforms” umbrella.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has expressed an interest in stretching its Xbox Game Pass service out to every platform that’ll accept it. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has gone on record more than once to say he’d put Xbox Game Pass everywhere if he could.


“I have said over time I’d like to take Game Pass everywhere," Spencer said to Giant Bomb earlier in the summer. "I saw somebody joke I’d put Game Pass on the toaster if I could – I don’t know about that. We’re focused on the streaming side, at least, on Android, just because in some ways it’s the hardest for us because it’s so diverse in terms of the number of devices.”

For the time being though, Microsoft has said it has no plans to bring more exclusives to other platforms.

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