Dungeons & Dragons Confirms Terrifying Fate for One Forgotten Realms City in Upcoming Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons has confirmed that one Forgotten Realms city has moved to a new, terrifying locale in its next adventure. Earlier this year, Dungeons & Dragons announced Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, a new campaign that will send players on a quest to save the city of Baldur's Gate from getting dragged into the topmost level of the Nine Hells. When the adventure was first announced, eagle-eyed fans noticed something unusual about one of the miniatures that was being released as a tie-in by Gale Force 9. One of the miniatures was of Thavius Kreeg, which also happens to be the name of the current leader of the city of Elturel. While Kreeg is known as a hero who delivered the country of Elturgard from vampires, the miniature shows him as an Amnizus, a greater devil.

Players feared the worst for Elturel, and yesterday Dungeons & Dragons confirmed the city's fate. D&D designer Kate Welch confirmed that the city will be dragged down into Avernus as part of Descent Into Avernus. What's more - a D&D Beyond "Encounter of the Week" written by James Haeck, one of the writers of Descent Into Avernus, notes that Kreeg has struck a "secretive compact" with Zariel, the archduchess of Avernus, and one of the rulers of the Nine Hells. It seems that Kreeg will be responsible for Elturel's fall - although the details about why he betrayed his god Torm and the city he was meant to protect are unclear.


Elturel played a role in the early Tyranny of Dragons adventure and has been a locale for several D&D adventures. Notably, the city was home to the Hellriders, a mercenary group that once traveled to Avernus to rescue a companion. The city was also home to the Hellknights, a group of warriors who traveled to Avernus to stop an invasion of devils. It's more than likely that at least a few Hellriders will be trapped in Elturel when it fell, so we'll likely learn more about this group's history soon.

Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus will be released on September 17th.