Pokemon Go Teases New Team Rocket Bosses

A series of tweets is hinting at the next step in Team Rocket's takeover of Pokemon Go. Yesterday, Pokemon Go tweeted out that Professor Willow had found a "suspicious folder" in his computer. After everyone got done laughing about what Professor Willow had hidden on his computer, players mostly assumed that the tweet was in reference to the appearance of Rotom, a Gen 4 Pokemon known for possessing appliances. However, the Pokemon Go twitter account posted some new images that hint at some new human characters coming to Pokemon Go instead.

The partial images posted by Pokemon Go show three figures with Team Rocket's familiar "R" logo nearby. While it's too blurry to make out specific details, the characters notably have different body types than the generic animations used for both player avatars and Team Rocket grunts. One figure is very beefy, while another has a hairstyle not seen before in the game. You can check out the images below:


Pokemon Go pushed Team Rocket's arrival in the game hard earlier this summer, but they seemed to take a back seat to the rollout of new "Gen 5" Pokemon. Some had wondered if Team Rocket was ever going to play a larger role in Pokemon Go, and these tweets indicate that something bigger is definitely coming.

Stay tuned to Pokemon Go's Twitter account for more information, as we can expect some more announcements soon.