You Can Officially Transform Your Smartphone Into a Pokedex

Bandai is producing an official Pokedex smartphone case. After countless requests and hundreds of unofficial bootleg versions, Premium Bandai has announced plans to release a Pokedex Smartphone Case for iPhone devices. The new Smartphone case is made for the iPhone X. The iPhone 8, 7, and 6 will also fit in the case, although the microphone and flashlight will be obscured from view. The case won't hold an iPhone 6s or iPhone 11. The case will cost $69.99 and will only be released in Japan (for now.) You can check out an image of the official case below:


The smartphone case is modelled after the original Pokedex, as seen in Pokemon Red and Blue and the original Pokemon anime series. Players used the Pokedex to record their Pokemon discoveries, with the Pokedex providing helpful facts and pictures when different Pokemon were seen. While the Pokedex was considered futuristic technology when the Pokemon franchise first came out, it took less than 20 years for mankind to invent a real pocket-sized machine that could identify animals using photographs alone and could quickly access a wealth of information. As the Pokemon franchise progressed, the Pokedex grew in power and functionality, adding camera and phone functionality. Notably, more recent versions of the Pokedex resemble various Nintendo handheld devices.

While the Pokedex smartphone case is currently only available in Japan, don't be surprised if it eventually comes over to the US and other international markets. There are also plenty of secondhand sellers who would be happy to ship a Pokedex smartphone case over to the United States, although you'll have to pay for international shipping.