Reaper's New Kickstarter Offers Dozens of Miniatures for Your Dungeons & Dragons Needs

A new Kickstarter is offering a great deal on dozens of miniatures perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. Reaper Miniatures is one of the biggest producers of plastic miniatures for tabletop RPGs. Their "Bones" line of miniatures is made with a special material that can be mass produced, which allows them to sell them at a much lower price than resin miniatures or minis made of another material. Basically, if you're looking for some cheap unpainted miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons or any other tabletop game - you've probably looked at Reaper Bones miniatures either on their website or from your local game store.

In order to raise the funds needed to actually make these miniatures, Reaper launched their fifth Kickstarter earlier this week. Backers can get dozens of miniatures at a severely discounted price, including multiple dragons and other large figures. The Core Set comes with over 120 figures, including a mix of heroes, villains, and monsters. In addition to dragons, golems, and elf rangers, the Core Set also includes miniatures for spell effects, kid heroes, and even a set of catfolk adventurers.


Once the Kickstarter is complete, backers can also add-on several optional sets to their pledge. The options include a Dungeon Dweller expansion that contains monsters and creatures found in every classic dungeon, and a Daimyo set containing creatures inspired by Japanese lore and tradition. There's also individual add-ons, including trebuchets, dragons, and even a war mammoth.

As a backer of the last Reaper Kickstarter, I can say that this is probably the best deal you'll find when it comes to buying miniatures in bulk. While you'll have to wait a bit to actually get the miniatures - delivery is expected in 2021 - you'll end up with dozens of miniatures that can be used in a variety of tabletop RPG scenarios. You can find more information about the Kickstarter here.