Marvel's Avengers Developers Tease Combination Attacks

Marvel's Avengers had a strong showing at New York Comic Con, as Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics gave us hands-on time with the anticipated game's opening level. In addition to that time with the game, we also had a chance to learn more about the rest of the game and what that will include, though we still had a few questions. During our time we got to talk with Crystal Dynamics Senior Brand Director Rich Briggs all about the game, from minute mechanics to teases of what's to come, and one thing we had to ask was about combination attacks. During the demo, you control one hero on their own, but as we've seen in franchises like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, some of the fun of using a team is getting to combine for attacks straight from the comics. While Briggs wouldn't give it all away, he did tease that something like that is in the cards.

"It's a great question," Briggs said. "We can't go into it just yet, but we will say that we absolutely want you to feel like you're fighting as part of a team when you're playing the game. So that's all we'll say for just the moment. We haven't gotten a chance to share the multiplayer just yet, so we'll leave it at that."

That tease is quite promising, especially for those who enjoy those abilities in Ultimate Alliance. For those unfamiliar, those games have you operating a team of four and depending on the lineup you can use your abilities in conjunction with your teammates to perform special attacks, often pulled right from the comics.

If you've got Wolverine and Colossus you can pick up Wolvie and toss him for a Fastball Special, or if you have Captain America and Iron Man you can use Cap's Shield to deflect Iron Man's Repulsor Blasts and hit everyone around you. There are always plenty of combinations present within any lineup, and while you'll guide one hero at a time in the single-player campaign, it seems the multiplayer portion of the game could open some of those possibilities up.

We already know that in co-op you'll be able to wear differing costumes and customize your hero to your liking, and if combo attacks get added to that mode of play, multiplayer will definitely be one of the hottest talking points when Crystal finally reveals it.


Marvel's Avengers hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on May 15th, 2020.

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