The Next Wave of Team Rocket Content Has Come to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players can now start their next wave of battles against Team Rocket. Earlier today, players discovered that they could now receive Mysterious Components after defeating Team Rocket Grunts in gyms. After a player collects six Mysterious Components, they can use them to power a Team GO Rocket Radar that will sends players to a PokeStop where they can battle one of the three Team Rocket Admins. The Team Rocket Admins are intended as more powerful challenges for players, as they use Shields to block attacks and give out bigger rewards when defeated.

Pokemon Go has teased the arrival of the Team Rocket Admins for several weeks, dating back to when the game uploaded a new load screen that showed the Admins standing in front of the Viridian City Gym. Pokemon Go released several blogposts earlier this weeks detailing encounters between the Admins and the Pokemon Go team leaders, which served as a prelude to the new content. Additionally, Giovanni will also eventually appear as a NPC trainer that players can battle, but it's unclear whether players can immediately battle him or if this content will be rolled out later.


While details are still coming out about the new Pokemon Go content, we know that the Admin Arlo allegedly uses Steel-type Pokemon, Sierra uses Dark-type Pokemon, and Cliff uses Rock-type Pokemon. All of those Pokemon are weak to Fighting-type Pokemon, so a team of strong Machamp should dispatch these Admins without any problems.

We'll provide any updates about the new Team Rocket threats as they become available. However, players should be able to start grabbing Mysterious Components in Pokemon Go right now.

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