Clue: Dungeons & Dragons Available Now

There's now a Dungeons & Dragons version of Clue. Earlier today, the OP announced Clue: Dungeons & Dragons, a new variant of the popular board game set in the historic locale of Baldur's Gate. The new version of Clue ties into the recently released Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus adventure, with players assuming the role of a party that's been infiltrated by one of the archdevil Zariel's minions. Players explore Baldur's Gate looking for clues as to who was slain and replaced, what weapon was used in the murder, and where a hell-forged puzzle box taken by the murderer was hidden. UPDATE: Now available to order on Amazon.

Characters in the game include Minsc and Boo, Falaster Fisk, Lulu the Hollyphant, Sylvira Savikas, Reya Mantlemorn, and Slobberchops. The game also includes six pewter tokens representing a Great Sword, a Horn of Blasting, a Demon Longbow, a Censor of Remembrance, and other weapons from the game.

Once players finish Clue: Dungeons & Dragons, they can pick up the adventure in Descent Into Avernus, which features several of the characters in the game, as well as the puzzle-box at the heart of the mystery. Eventually, players will descend into the first level of the Nine Hells and face off against Zariel herself as she battles in the eternal Blood War against an endless army of demons. A clever DM might be even willing to bring in Clue into the campaign, giving the party an extra reason to head into hell to face Zariel.


Clue: Dungeons & Dragons is available now at Barnes and Noble and local board game stores for $39.95.

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