Secretlab Reveals New Overwatch Gaming Chairs

Blizzard Entertainment and Secretlab are working together to bring Overwatch players two new gaming chairs inspired by the hero shooter. Secretlab, the creators of high-end chairs designed for gamers and inspired by all sorts of games and fandoms, showed off two different chairs recently that took cues from Overwatch. One of them is a chair that’ll appeal to any Overwatch player regardless of their hero preference while the other was made just for D.Va mains.

Secretlab unveiled its new Overwatch chairs recently with a quick gallery showing off the chairs along with the links for where you can pick one up for yourself and your duo partner. The two different chairs are called the “Overwatch Edition” and the “D.Va Edition” and feature either the Overwatch logo or D.Va’s color scheme and branding, respectively.

You can see the two chairs in full below along with some stylish shots showing off their different angles.

Over on Secretlab’s site, you’ll find that there are actually two different versions of each chair. There’s the Secretlab Omega which has a more snug, slim fit to it, and then there’s the Secretlab Titan which is a larger chair to better accommodate those who need it and also comes with a leveled seat.

Aside from the different designs, another difference between the two chairs is the material they’re covered with. The D.Va Edition is made with Secretlab’s SoftWeave fabric while the Overwatch Edition is covered with Secretlab’s Prime 2.0 PU leather.

Because of the differences in the upholstery and the sizes, the prices of the chairs are different depending on which one you want. You can find each of the prices listed below along with links to where you can find those chairs.


Each of these chairs are part of Secretlab’s 2020 series and are scheduled to ship out by January 1, 2020, if not before, but you can go ahead and pre-order one now if you’re already sold.

If League of Legends is more your speed, Secretlab also worked with Riot Games recently to create a new chair inspired by League’s World Championship that’s going on right now.

We were able to review one of Secretlab’s Game of Thrones chairs that featured a House Stark design back in August. It was a top-of-the-line experience that will hopefully be recreated in these new Overwatch chair.

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