Dead Cells Announces The Bad Seed DLC

Motion Twin announced on Wednesday that Dead Cells is getting some new DLC in the first quarter of 2020. The new DLC is called The Bad Seed and will send players to two different biomes that they’ll find early on in the game where they’ll face off against a sizable boss, according to Motion Twin’s teaser. This paid DLC doesn’t yet have an exact release date, but the developer announced that it’s got plans for two more years of Dead Cells content.

The teaser trailer above previewed the DLC, though it’s so short that it’s hard to pull anything out of it other than a glimpse of some enemies and one of the new settings. Steam’s page for the DLC that’s now live offers more details about the settings called The Arboretum, The Swamp, and The Heart of the Swamp with are all filled with mushrooms, frog people, and giant ticks.

“The two new levels and their monsters are alternatives to The Courtyard/Toxic Sewers and The Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers, with the boss designed to be on par with The Concierge, so hopefully it’ll spice up your early game runs once you’ve played through the core game,” Motion Twin said about the DLC.

The DLC is priced at $4.99 which seems like a pretty affordable value for the content that’s been teased so far. Motion Twin justified the paid DLC by saying the earnings will be put back into the game as well as the developer’s other projects.

“Paid content will help support the development of the game, allowing the team to go forward with all of the ideas that we’ve got in our heads, continuing to produce free content, fixes and updates, while also ensuring that Motion Twin have the time to build their next game at the level you’ve come to expect from them,” Motion Twin said.


Laying out the plans for the rest of the content coming to Dead Cells, Motion Twin said it’s planning to fix “glaring problems” as part of a series of systemic changes. Balance issues, the game’s economy, and features like secret areas were all parts of Dead Cells that the studio plans to look at. There’s also an update planned for the holiday season this year which is pretty much already upon us that Motion Twin said it unsure about at first, but it’s wanted to do the update for ages. More info on that is said to come soon.

Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed DLC will release in Q1 2020.