Grand Theft Auto V Is Now on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass already has tons of games for its subscribers, but the service just got even more valuable by adding one of the most popular games of all time. Microsoft announced on Friday that Grand Theft Auto V is now part of Xbox Game Pass effective immediately which means that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to go into the weekend playing the game and its online mode.

The announcement was shared in a tweet from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account just like most announcements pertaining to the service have been. A brief video showed Michael De Santa, one of several playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V’s story mode, taking a rest on his couch to watch TV. Instead of Grand Theft Auto V’s usually scheduled programming, the display on the TV showed that the game is available now in Xbox’s catalog of games.

People replying to the tweet made some astute observations about Grand Theft Auto V coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Most people who have an interest in playing it probably already own the game, but that hardly undermines how big of a win this is for Xbox Game Pass. Grand Theft Auto V with its story and online modes is quite literally the most profitable entertainment product of all time and has been going strong for years since the game’s release, to adding that kind of weight to a subscription like Xbox Game Pass. Players still spend tons of time in the game’s online world playing with others, and now they’ll be able to do that through Xbox Game Pass if they’re subscribed to the service.


A significant factor in Grand Theft Auto V’s success is the fact that it’s been getting ongoing content from Rockstar Games years after its release. Things like a new casino heist centered around the Diamond Casino & Resort have happened as early as last month, and more game modes and other content have been released as part of weekly updates. The game continues to keep up with modern trends as well by updating its music to give players new, popular songs to listen to while they’re riding around.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available in Xbox Game Pass for those subscribed on the console version.

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