Xbox Officially Reveals Its Jordan-Branded Console

After an initial tease hyped up a collaboration between Microsoft and the Jordan brand to release what was likely going to be a custom Xbox console, Microsoft has officially revealed the results of its latest partnership. Microsoft showed off its Limited Edition Jordan Brand Custom Xbox One X on Thursday and told its followers how they can get their hands on the console. Only one of these consoles is being given away though, so the custom creation will only go to one lucky winner.

The collaboration was unveiled on Twitter through the official Xbox account to show what the console and controllers look like. The Jumpman logo is on each of the controllers as well as the top of the Xbox One X.

Both the controllers and the console itself are bright red, but if you look closely at the devices, you’ll notice they have a unique design and aren’t just a solid color. It looks like this design is meant to imitate the look of the Air Jordan 3 Red Cement shoes, but you can draw your own conclusions there by seeing the devices below and comparing them to the shoes.

This reveal follows a tease from a few days ago that first gave Xbox fans the indication that some sort of partnership was on the horizon. Given Microsoft’s history with creating custom consoles, it was always assumed that a Jordan-branded console would be the result, and a leak that revealed a first look at the console before its official unveiling confirmed that.


However, the leak also showed a pair of the shoes previously referenced which were included in the fancy box the console game in. The official rules in the tweet don’t mention anything about a pair of shoes being included in the deal. This means that either more of the consoles were made and shared with select people, likely those either involved with the partnership or well-known athletes, or Microsoft and the Jordan Brand may toss in a pair of shoes after contacting the winner.

Regardless of what’s happening with the shoes, the process for winning the console is simple: Just retweet the tweet from Microsoft that unveiled the console and hope you’re the lucky winner. Over 30,000 people have already retweeted it to give an idea of the odds any one person is up against, but someone has to win it.

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