Man Creates Death Stranding Pod to Protect Child From Coronavirus

A father in China created what’s basically a Death Stranding pod for his child to protect the baby during the coronavirus pandemic. The father lives in China and designed what essentially looks like a forward-facing backpack with some protective measures made to make it so that he family can interact with the child with fewer risks of spreading anything to the baby. During an interview about the protective pod, the father said it was directly inspired by Death Stranding, but the reactions to the design could’ve told you that immediately based on what people have been saying about the suit online.

South China Morning Post shared a video this week showing off the “safety pod” and the family that made it along with an interview explaining how the suit works and what the inspirations were behind it. The family can go on walks outside with their baby with the use of the pod that has several features designed to protect the child.

“It has two parts, the cabin and the filtered breathing machine,” the father said in the video. “There’s a glove connected to the clean cabin, which allows you to comfort and feed your baby without actually touching them.”

After demonstrating how the air filtration system worked, the video showed the preparation needed to suit up for a walk after the baby is placed safely inside the pod. The video also confirmed what some people were probably already thinking – that the pod was inspired by Death Stranding.


“Because I like scientific movies and games, the structure of the cabin is similar to the game Death Stranding, it’s the reference for my cabin,” the father said.

Death Stranding itself is coming to the PC later this year to give people on a platform other than the PlayStation 4 a chance to experience the game from Hideo Kojima that inspired this father’s solution to the coronavirus. The game is also still getting new features on the PlayStation 4 like a photo mode that’s arriving soon so that people can capture their own impressive images from the game.

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