Kill la Kill the Game: IF Will Have An Original Story Starring Satsuki Kiryuin

09/28/2018 09:13 pm EDT

(Photo: Arc System Works)

Developer Arc System Works has revealed that Kill la Kill the Game: IF will have a completely original story starring Satsuki Kiryuin, the rival of the Kill la Kill anime protagonist, Ryuko Matoi.

Arc System Works also revealed that it has recruited Kazuki Nakashima, the original writer of the Kill la Kill anime scenario, to craft the game's story, which will be an original "IF" story that diverges in the middle of the anime plot. In other words, players will be able to enjoy the game as if it was a new episode of the anime.

Further, a brand-new orginal costume has been created for Satsuki Kiryuin to wear in the game. Appearing for the first time via the game, the costume, dubbed "Junketsu Shinzui," is designed by Shigeto Koyama with "touchups" by Kill la Kill character designer Sushio. According to Arc System Works, the costume is meant to act as an opposite to the "Senketsu Kisaragi" costume worn by the aforementioned Ryuko Matoi.

Kill la Kill the Game: IF is slated to release worldwide sometime next year, 2019, via the PC and PlayStation 4. At the moment, there hasn't been any mention of a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One release. However, as you may know, it seems like every game comes to the former eventually, so don't count out a Switch announcement sometime in the future.

If you haven't already, or if this is your first time hearing about the new Kill la Kill game, then catch up with over 30 minutes of raw gameplay footage by clicking here, and of course, if you want to learn more the game's in-depth gameplay mechanics, then click right here. And if you're a fan of the anime, then this article about how the game feels like watching an episode of the anime, may be of interest.

And as always, feel free to hit the comments section and let us know your own thoughts. Is an original, new story welcomed or unwelcomed news? How do you feel about it diverging from an episode in the anime? And what episode do you think it diverges from?

Source: Arc System Works via Gematsu.

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