88-Year-Old Animal Crossing Player Has Started Playing New Horizons

An 88-year-old Animal Crossing player who invested thousands of hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf has now begun her adventure in New Horizons to start a new life on a deserted island. The player who goes by Audrey received one of the special editions of the Nintendo Switch that featured the New Horizons design to commemorate the occasion and was featured in her very own unboxing video that showed her opening up the Switch and then starting her playthrough in New Horizons. She still plans on playing New Leaf on her Nintendo 3DS, but she'll be learning the ins and outs of New Horizons as well.

The unboxing video above found on game developer Paul Hubans' YouTube channel shows Audrey unboxing her New Horizons-inspired Nintendo Switch before starting up the new Animal Crossing game. She answers some questions about her experiences with Animal Crossing first before unboxing the console and checking out the Switch.

Around 21 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, we see her playing the game for the first time and going through the introductory phase where players get the lowdown on what's happening in New Horizons and then get to make their characters. Hubans helps his grandmother create her own character by looking through the options before she lands on her island. She got peaches as her native fruit which was pretty fortunate seeing how tons of players were restarting their games over and over until they got peaches or whatever other fruit they wanted.

Audrey first started becoming famous within the Animal Crossing community last year when people learned how much time she'd put into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Hubans tweeted last year about her playtime in New Leaf which, at the time, totaled just over 3,580 hours.


Of course, with all that time spent in New Leaf, Audrey's not planning on giving up the 3DS game. She said she can't leave her villagers there nor can she give up on her flowers, so she'll have to split her time between New Leaf and New Horizons.