8Bitdo’s USB Adapter For Nintendo Switch Now Supports Xbox One S Controllers

Let’s say that you enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch, but you’re not quite feeling the set-up [...]

Bitdo Adapter
(Photo: 8Bitdo)

Let's say that you enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch, but you're not quite feeling the set-up with the JoyCon-based controller – or, for some odd reason, you can't get into the feel of the Pro Controller.

Not to worry, as 8BitDo has an adapter that works with the system, and provides you better functionality in a way that you didn't think was possible – supporting Xbox One S controllers.

The company has provided a new firmware update for its adapter, which can be downloaded here. Once it's updated, you'll be able to use Xbox One S controllers with your Nintendo system. What's more, PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controllers, which were previously supported, now have adjustment for vibration.

Here are the full patch notes, straight from the company:

– Added the support for Xbox One S Bluetooth controller.
*Vibration is supported on Switch and X-input mode.
– Vibration on PS4 controller can be modified to two levels – strong/weak.
*Key command for switching between two levels: L+R+SELECT

In addition, the adapter also supports PlayStation 3, Wii remote and Wii U Pro Controllers, in case you feel like taking that route with your play.

We haven't had a chance to test out the 8Bitdo USB adapter just yet, but it sounds like it provides a number of new options to players that aren't used to Nintendo's controllers. You still have to provide your own controller, but playing Super Mario Odyssey with an Xbox One S pad may sound more comfortable to a few of you players out there.

As you can see from its support page, the company also has an interesting amount of controllers available for the Nintendo Switch, including models based on the classic NES pad, the Super Nintendo controller, and even a NES Advantage-style joystick, in case you want to do some old-school fighting with Ultra Street Fighter II. Give their page a look at the link above when you get a chance.

The 8Bitdo USB adapter is available now at select retailers and online.


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