A Way Out's Friends Pass Can Be Shared With "As Many People" as Players Want

A Way Out

A Way Out is taking the already generous Friends Pass feature a step further by allowing players to share the co-op game with as many friends as they want.

With the Friends Pass feature, anyone can play A Way Out so long as they know someone who owns the full game. The Friends Pass option was first announced back in December, and while the game only supports two players at a time, there's apparently no limit to how many friends the game can be shared with through the Friends Pass option.

"You can play with as many people as you like," A Way Out programmer Lucas de Vries said in a Reddit AMA when asked how the Friends Pass feature works on EA's Origin platform. "All they have to do is download the friends pass version from Origin, which can be downloaded for free by anyone. After starting that they will need to wait for you to invite them before they can play the game."

While the answer pertained to the Origin version on the PC, another user asked if the PlayStation 4 version's Friends Pass feature would operate the same way, though an answer wasn't provided.

A Way Out director Josef Fares and other members of the game's team answered several other questions about the game throughout the AMA that included info about minigames, Fares' memorable speech during The Game Awards, and other topics. With Fares revealing that the game would take about seven or eight hours to complete depending on how players progressed, he added that there were currently no plans for DLC due to Hazelight Studios' work on the next project.

"There's no plans for any DLC for A Way Out at the moment," Fares confirmed. "We will be focusing on our next project."

As most who are planning on buying A Way Out should already know, the game is completely co-op with a second player being a mandatory requirement. This presents unique situations such as tough decision-making opportunities, and while Fares said that the in-game characters Leo and Vincent must reach a unanimous decision on their next action, players can and should discuss how they want to proceed.


"The decisions are mainly there to change the gameplay, not the story," Fares said. "But their intent and design is to get the players talking to each other on the couch."

A Way Out is scheduled to be release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 24.