A Way Out Has a Hilarious "F*** The Oscars" Easter Egg

Remember when Josef Fares -- the creator of A Way Out -- stormed The Game Awards 2017 stage, and [...]

Remember when Josef Fares -- the creator of A Way Out -- stormed The Game Awards 2017 stage, and stole headlines with his famous rant that included a "f*** the Oscars" moment that went viral? I sure do. I think about it everyday, and watch the above video (courtesy of King of Twitch) at least once a month.

Well, the game Fares was (supposed to be) promoting on stage -- A Way Out -- recently released last month. And of course, there's a "f*** the Oscars" Easter egg.

As you can see in the video above, the above Easter egg is hidden during the game's hospital section, and is tucked away in a fashion that it is easy to miss (I know I missed it in my first playthrough). But it's there. And it sounds as hilariously out of place -- yet endearing -- as it does when it first came out of Fares' mouth last December.

Likely on purpose, the NPC -- who is sneakily voiced by Fares -- spills the easter egg while talking to Leo, one of the game's two protagonists, who also just happens to be voiced by Fares himself. Further, the NPC mentions his need to get "shitfaced," which is perhaps a little cutesy joke about Fares' condition that night. It even takes the time to mention that perhaps the NPC shouldn't be getting drunk at a place like a hospital (The Game Awards).

As you can see, Fares' seems to look back on the moment like most of us do, as a hilarious, out-of-left-field sound bite we won't forget for a long time. Never change, Fares, never change.

A Way Out is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven't already, be sure to peep our positive review of the game where we rave about its terrific and unique take on co-op.

In other recent and related news, Fares also took to Twitter this week to reveal that he and his team have officially began work on their next game.