Abandoned Developer Reveals New Update for Mysterious PS5 Game

Perhaps no other game has caused more of a commotion in 2021 than that of Abandoned. Developed by Blue Box Game Studios, the title was first revealed in the early portion of this year to very little attention. As the months passed, though, some fans began to convince themselves that the project could somehow be associated with Konami's Silent Hill franchise. These conspiracy theories quickly got out of hand, which led to Blue Box claiming that the studio was receiving numerous death threats as a result. Following this tumultuous period for the developers, news on Abandoned had fallen silent in recent months, leading many to wonder about the project's status. Now, before the end of 2021, Blue Box has broken that silence. 

In a new post on the studio's official website today, Blue Box Game Studios outlined some of the plans that it has for Abandoned moving into 2022. Specifically, it was said that Q1 of next year is when the studio will officially reveal Abandoned. This window is also when Blue Box says that it intends to release the "Prologue" of the game via the PlayStation 5 app that launched earlier this summer. In addition, new updates are planned to come to this app over the course of the year. 

Speaking more to why things have been pushed back so much, Blue Box also explained that the development of Abandoned had to be reworked entirely as the game didn't "meet our vision at all." This combined with "lots of stress" due to outside noise led to Abandoned getting delayed further than expected. "With the mistakes we have made, we don't want to make the same mistakes again. All of this has been nothing but a huge learning curve for us," the studio said in this new blog. "We want to deliver a game that you can enjoy."

For now, there are many questions still left to be had about Abandoned. The one thing that we do know for certain is that the game is supposed to release at some point next year. When it does drop, it will be available to play on PS5. 

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