There's a New Battle Royale Game Coming, This Time With Adorable Fluffy Animals That Murder

Battle Royale is everywhere - we even have a game with this popular mode that let's players survive with freaking sharks. Because this niche of online play only continues to grow, the amount of games that feature this PvP style is only going to get weirder. Enter: Super Animal Royale ... the Battle Royale game that let's players assume the role of a cuddly, adorable animal while they absolutely murder everyone in sight.

"Super Animal Royale is an intense, strategic and ridiculous twist on the battle royale genre, with exotic biomes and murderously cute animal characters, all vying to reach the top of the food chain."

This title not only let's players take on a completely different aesthetic for this genre, but it also has a very streamlined play style as well. Other features that this game includes are:

  • Atmospheric battle royale action from a whole new top down perspective.
  • Get the jump on your opponents using a unique line of sight fog of war system that enables sneaking and close combat fighting.
  • Adventure through a massive, beautifully illustrated island, filled with diverse biomes and topography. Find weapons and items to aid in your survival, and don’t forget to chop down tall grass. Everyone knows items love hiding in tall grass.

There are two different editions that players can choose from - the Super Animal Royale, which comes with limited edition skins and a bonus Steam Key, and the SAR Founder's Edition which comes with everything the previous edition comes with, including even more skins, the Founder's username color, and a Founder's Discord Role and Chat.


According to the Steam's listing page, "The top down view and streamlined mechanics make the game uniquely accessible and fun, but it’s no easy task to be the final survivor on an island filled with 64 wild and insane animals.

The island and roster of genetically modified animals are constantly expanding and changing with updates, and each animal can be customized with different outfits, tombstones, death explosions, weapons and more."

Interested in getting your fluffy Battle Royale on? You can check out the official website right here, as well as the game itself on Steam!