Streamer Provides Update Following Horrific TwitchCon Injury

Earlier this month, Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik broke her back during an incident that took place at TwitchCon. Over the last few days, Chechik has provided updates about the situation, and about the surgery she went through. On October 13th, Chechik shared a video of herself walking after the surgery. Just taking those few steps was apparently "so exhausting" that she slept the entire rest of the day. On October 16th, Chechik was able to leave the hospital, and in a follow-up Tweet, she revealed that she was finally able to shower, though not without assistance. Clearly she still has a long way to go on her path to recovery!

The video of Chechik walking can be found in the Tweet embedded below. As with the original video of Chechik's injury, readers are advised that it might be difficult to watch.

Chechik's injury happened after the streamer jumped into a foam pit at TwitchCon's Lenovo Legion booth. In a video shared of the incident by streamer Jake Lucky, it looks like the pit is fairly shallow, offering little in the way of protection from the concrete floor. Following Chechik's injury, the booth's foam pit was closed, but the streamer was not the only one that reported injuries; prior to the incident involving Chechik, streamer LochVaness dislocated her knee and sprained her ankle after jumping into the pit.

Chechik has discussed the possibility of taking legal action against TwitchCon for her injuries, though nothing new has been reported in that regard. It's likely that any legal action might be put on hold as she continues to recover from her injuries. It's unclear exactly how a legal case might play out, or if there might be some kind of settlement. Regardless, Chechik's videos and updates further illustrate the severity of her injuries, and just how dangerous the foam pit was at TwitchCon. Hopefully, this will decrease the chances of similar incidents in the future.

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