Agents Of Mayhem Gets New Trailer, Introducing The Bombshells

Deep Silver’s forthcoming Saints Row spin-off already had a pretty impressive cast, but [...]

Deep Silver's forthcoming Saints Row spin-off already had a pretty impressive cast, but there's always room for a few more.

The publisher introduced a new trailer for Agents of Mayhem that introduces a trio of new characters that promise to bring plenty of chaos and destruction with each step they take – and their play styles should offer up something unique when it comes to dishing out the damage to opponents.

Here's the breakdown for each character, as provided by the publisher:

  • Joule – Don't be fooled by Joule's beautiful, sweet demeanor; behind the high fashion lies a mind of robotic engineering genius that makes her equally as comfortable walking the runways in stilettos as engineering deployable murder turrets. With her Master Programmer ability, Joule is the perfect complement to Rama.
  • Rama – As the world's foremost immunologist, Rama uses her Deadshot ability to gain precision the more she charges her bow. Her weapon class lends her the shield buster status, allowing Rama to deal bonus damage to shields and pierce targets protected by hard shields.
  • Redcard – No team is complete without a resident futball-obsessed lunatic; Redcard wields his Hooligan weapon to pierce the skin of his unfortunate enemies, precisely hitting them with his close-range charge attacks to clear the crowd.

On top of that, if you're a fan of the trailer music above (and you might just be, considering its catchiness), then you can give it a listen on Deep Silver's official SoundCloud channel. This is just a small sample of what the game's soundtrack will provide, so dig in and hang on tight.

With these three Bombshell members added to the Mayhem squad, there's no telling what your team will be capable of when it comes to wiping out enemy soldiers and surprise bosses that pop up within the game. Fortunately, you'll be able to find a favorite with ease and clean house on, well, pretty much everybody. You can check out the new trailer above…and, hey, anyone a soccer fan out there? Because Redcard seems to be your speed right off the bad.

Agents of Mayhem arrives on August 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.