Alan Wake 2 May Get DLC

Alan Wake 2 may get some DLC after its release. Alan Wake 2 is one of those fabled games that many thought would never see the light of day. The first Alan Wake game was incredibly well-received thanks to its unique premise, fantastic writing, and intense gameplay, but it failed to gain the traction necessary to make it a big franchise. However, Remedy Entertainment has always wanted to return to the series and has teased the possibility of it many times over the last decade. Now, it's finally happening and it's slated to release this year. However, we have seen nothing from this game outside of the occasional update in an interview or blog post since its initial reveal.

Remedy has confirmed the game is still very much coming this year and it doesn't sound like any delay is on the horizon. The developer recently released its annual investors report and confirmed that yes, the game is still on track to release this year and noted that the game's development has been coming along very well over the last year. However, one interesting thing in this annual report is a section on page 16 which talks about Remedy's commercial models for its game releases. One of its models is a standard premium release with paid DLC, as an example Remedy noted that both Control 2 and Alan Wake 2 would fall under this category. Of course, it's likely we won't get any details about this until after launch or slightly ahead of the game's release if there's some kind of season pass.

Remedy is known for supporting its single player games with big DLC after launch. Alan Wake had a couple of episodic DLC chapters and Control followed a similar model which more or less helped Alan Wake 2 come to fruition. Only time will tell what Remedy has in store, but we may not have to go another decade without more Alan Wake again.

Alan Wake 2 is slated to release later this year. What do you think of Remedy's plans for Alan Wake 2? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.